Call Center Outsourcing is Rising in Importance and With Good Reasons

Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) industry is expanding by the day as they are helping other businesses expand in several industries. Outsourcing companies have expert employees for gathering marketing research, devising campaigns, dealing with customers, and analyzing market data and so many other business segments. However, one of the most popular and in-demand skills of BPO companies is their call centers. This one BPO service covers all the purposes mentioned earlier and then some.While this type of outsourcing started primarily because of its cost-saving properties, over time businesses across several industries realized several other benefits of outsourced call centers. Let’s take a look some of these benefits so you realize what you are missing out on if you still haven’t added the profitability of call center BPO to your business.


For any growing business, or one that is ambitious to grow, the biggest challenge perhaps is to keep all business segments up to the speed. If you are getting more orders but the number of your unsatisfied customers is also rising because there is not adequate support for them, then you are not really growing. Or at least you are losing out on some valuable portion of growth that could have been long term profits for you. An in-house call center is neither competent enough nor flexible enough, unless you are already a big business. And even then why waste valuable resources when you can get much more for much less.


Customer service and support is not as simple as it may sound. There is a lot more to correct and effective communication than simply picking up customer calls and guiding them over your products or services. Many businesses do not understand this which sometimes leads them to lose out on market share despite an otherwise perfect product. Now you can choose, hire and train customer service agents yourself or simply take on board an external company with all the benefits already on their side.


Customers have access to several products in the market, even those that you are not completely familiar with. Then of course there are the geographical and cultural differences across your clientele. This is especially important if your customers are from more than one area, socio-economic class, and even age group. BPO companies handling call center services are aware of this fact and are trained to handle just that. This makes them especially important if you want to provide your customers not only with satisfactory support but also that feeling of being valued that ensures their loyalty to your business.

Time and Effort

When we talk about savings on costs, it is not just in dollars. While the expenses of salaries, utility bills and overhead expenses of in-house call centers also get eliminated because of outsourcing companies, they are also useful in reducing the costs of money and management. When your in-house departments do not have to worry about keeping in touch with customers, they can focus on improving performance elsewhere in the business, most likely in segments that generate revenues directly. For instance, if your HR department does not have to worry about finding a bi-lingual communication expert, they will be able to spend those energies in finding a better researcher or a better-qualified engineer to make your processes more efficient and less costly.

Market Data

In the olden times a call center was almost exclusively a bunch of people with telephones and communication equipment taking customers’ calls and addressing their grievances. Now call centers are also the basic field for collecting market data. If you take on board the right BPO partner for call center, you might have also landed yourself a marketing research team. There can be polls, surveys, and individual questionnaires to the current and potential customers that can give you accurate representation of the market dynamics, customer tastes, and competition levels. You can use this data to improve your product and thereby sales and profits.

Recovery and Lead Generation

From making calls to customers who owe you money, to targeting potential clients and informing them about your product or service benefits, these very call centers can act as the helping tool to improve your revenues as well as cash flows. Call center agents are trained experts in sending the message without making the call recipients feel pressured, insulted or angry. You can also send reminders of your upcoming events or new products from these very call centers. All of this culminates into better financial results for your business.


All of these benefits are on top of the direct cost cuttings that you receive from call center outsourcing. The only catch is to find the perfect BPO company that provides excellent services, performance-based results, and the necessary flexibility to your business. Intersoft BPO is your best bet for all these advantages. Put your business on the road to growth by getting your quotes today!