Five Ways Call Center Outsourcing Can Help You Increase Revenues

The major objective behind outsourcing is reduction in costs. The ultimate benefit of fewer expenses for same output obviously means higher profits, but this impact needs not be proportionate, rather it can be multiple folds. If you utilize this option of outsourcing properly, even involving a single department, such as your call center, can lead to substantial advantages for you with all of them eventually culminating in growth and higher profits. In this article we will look at top five ways where outsourcing your call center will bring you the said advantages.

Elimination of All Costs Associated with Running a Call Center

When you think of an in-house call center, you might only imagine the employees and the direct technology involved. However there is more to the story. When you outsource your call center activities, you reduce the wages and additional expenses for your employees’ remuneration and also save on the office space and attached utility expenses. Saving on the electricity bills and other office facilities might not be that massive in the first glance, but add the overheads, paid leaves, health insurances, plus office tea or coffee etc. and you have a heavy list to add up every month. You might not even realize how much you have saved just by letting an external company take care of your call center needs.

HR Department Workload

Ever wondered how much money you are spending on the marketing of job advertisements, interviewing potential candidates, hiring new ones and replacing those that simply leave after all your training and coaching? With an outsourcing company on board you eliminate all these expenses as well. On top of it all, now you also have your human resources focusing on choosing, hiring and training employees for the departments that contribute directly to your revenues instead of merely maintaining communication with the clients.

Consistent Service and Records for Analysis

If you choose the right outsourcing partner for call center activities, you not only get to provide assistance and help to your customers round the clock but also get the records of the calls, emails, and other modes of reaching out to current and potential customers. Once you have these records in a documented and organized form – mind you without you having to spend an extra dime – you can use that data to adjust your business strategies, marketing approaches, and overall method of conducting business that will get you efficiency, productivity, and market competitiveness.

Improved Efficiency Elsewhere in the Company

Once you have cleared office space from call center, saved costs on extra expenses, and gotten additional information regarding your clients you can now focus on revenue generation. You have extra money to expand your operations, update your technical capabilities, invest in market research, or simply indulge in some research and development if that is something that your business is involved with. Try to understand it this way – you are getting better performance and higher efficiency in any and every segment of your business you may want and you still have your costs in check without compromising on quality.

The Primary Call Center Performance Improves

While there are several benefits to be gained in the overall company performance, the benefits directly from the call center are equally significant if not more. Considering that outsourcing companies offering call center activities have better-qualified professionals and more experience, they eliminate several challenges. The personnel with BPO companies is well versed in cultural and linguistic differences, adept in handling customers of different temperaments, and able to communicate better with customers from several industries and geographical locations. Your current customers feel more valued and satisfied and potential customers are likely to come into your fold, thereby adding to your long term customer base, hence revenues and profits.

Steer Clear of the Pitfalls

There are some areas that you need to be careful about. These may involve vetting the potential business process outsourcing companies thoroughly before entering into a partnership. There can be hidden costs such as legal regulations or additional price for recording and sharing call data. There can also be security and privacy concerns. You don’t want your private data in the hands of your competitors. And most importantly there needs to be smooth communication between you and your BPO partner. This means that not only you and your partner both need to be flexible but also have the same dedication to quality and results.


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