How Outsourcing can Directly Contribute to Increase your Cash Flow

Outsourcing business operations usually means two direct consequences – lower costs and better performance, both leading to higher growth and thereby higher profits. However, there is an added detail to the revenues and that is of actual hard cash. Half of your actual business success depends on how much you can actually recover from your accounts receivables. This is where outsourcing companies can be of extraordinary help to your business. Let’s look at some of the ways you can use the BPOs to your cash flow advantage.

Accounts Receivables are Important Here

Outsourcing your AR segment means several things – you will have better recovery of your cash, your relationship with your customers will stay clear even if there is some resistance in payments, you will have experienced professionals to devise better payment plans. Depending on your projects and customers, you can have periodic payments which will keep your cash flows consistent and regular. You can also have automated reminders as provided by BPO services, and so on. Outsourcing companies have experience with several industries and several scales of customers and debtors, so they are much better positioned to not only estimate your cash flow needs but also to strategize on how to acquire the needed cash.

Flexibility Should be a Priority

One of the ways you can focus on improving your cash flows is to allow an external partner take care of your auxiliary tasks so you have more time to plan the segments that directly contribute to your revenues. When you are not concerned with your financial statements being prepared on time, or your employees being paid on time, you can focus on how to better market your product, how to reach higher number of customers, and how to improve upon your products altogether. Having an outsourcing company taking care of your finance segment also means that your financial capacity details will be on your finger tips giving you a better measure of how you need to deal with your cash flows.

Managing your IT can Streamline your Cash Flows

IT operations are now more than just making sure that your office computers don’t get hanged. It is about maintaining cohesion between several different segments of the business, operating from several different locations and possibly several different countries. If your business does have this varied sort of operations or even just customers belonging to more than one location, you will require state of the art, and quite expensive technical resources. Instead of having to make investments and sacrifice already precious cash flows, why not take an external partner on board and have access to technology as well as better IT operations streamlining your cash flows and saving you even more in the process.

Accounting Operations are Another Key Area

A professional accountant can not only save you a lot on incorrect accounting statements, but can also guide your operations towards cost and cash savings. While there is no advantage in trying to haphazardly spend or hold money, in capable hands a calculated and skillful delay in payments or wages, or devising payment periods from your debtors can help you a great deal. And all this can come with qualified accounting professionals, preferably well versed with accounting operations of more than one industry. This is where an outsourcing company can be extremely helpful for your cash flows.

Get to the Core of it All

Finally, even though sales are not cash flows, but they sure help in generating them. Even though sales do make up for the core part of any business, in most cases it is fruitful to let a more experienced partner take care of them for you. Outsourcing companies will be focusing only on the sales part of the business which means that while they come up with the strategies that will improve your sales while you can focus on other segments to reduce costs, improve marketing and branding, and so on.


The bottom line is that outsourcing companies are your specialist friends to improve upon the segments that you may feel need higher efficiency. When it comes to cash flows there are several angles to look at – how to maximize revenues, how to collect maximum accounts receivables, how to save on costs, and how to achieve maximum returns on investments. In all these segments, BPO companies can be indispensible. They will provide you with real time data, future projections and strategical advice. We at Intersoft BPO provide all these services and then some. Get your quotes today!