How to Deal With Difficult Customers in a Contact Centre?

It is impossible to make every customer happy even if your product or service is of absolutely top quality. Delivering a product to the end customer involves several stakeholders and even though it is entirely possible that your company or staff is not to blame for any mishap, it is still your responsibility to satisfy the irate clients if you want to increase customer base and repeat customers. The easiest way to directly engage with customers in two-way communication is through call center services. You can have an in-house call center or outsource it to a trusted partner, but whichever option you may choose, there will be some unhappy customers. Whether you are a company owner looking for guidelines or an employee working in a call center faced with angry customers, here are some sure-fire ways on how to deal with angry customers without losing their trust or loyalty to your company.

Understand that grievances are unavoidable

Instead of getting caught up in emotions yourself understand that such customers’ anger is not directed towards you as a person, or even as a business, but rather one particular scenario where they had to face inconvenience. Therefore, one of the first ways to deal with such clients is to let them vent. Just listen to them and their complaints, even if they sound unreasonable. It is imperative that call center representatives are able to understand that the ire and fire coming from customers is not to be taken personally. The phrase “kill them with kindness” is very relevant here, because a simple and sincere listening ear might be the only thing those customers are looking for and it is enough to keep using the service.

Indulge in a conversation and devise a solution

If, however, the complaints coming from an angry customer is not just about letting you know how your product or service disappointed them and a solution is needed further, then a call center representative should begin asking questions about the specific problem at hand. Repeat their grievance and apologize lightly. This is also a quick and easy way to let your clients know that you take them seriously. Call centers usually have customer details in their data centers, so this is also a good time to ask them about their contact details or codes used to retrieve such stored data. This will also ensure those customers that you have their details and are therefore in maintaining their trust and communication with your brand.

In case a complaint is serious, apologies warmly and sincerely

It goes without saying that sincerity is the key here. That apology should not come in empty words but should express true empathy. Imagine for a second that you are an angry customer of some service and you are calling for the redressal of your complaint. What would be the first thing you want to hear? A true and honest apology! So simply extend the same courtesy to your clients. Here it might be prudent to mention again that a call center representative should not consider such an apology to be a mark on their level of service. A call center employee’s job is to handle calls and not ensure that the service is delivered in an error-free manner. Therefore, this apology is being made on behalf of whoever is at fault, rather than a personal gesture.

Go the extra mile and beat their expectations

If you order a burger and it arrives cold and soggy, you will obviously be angry. But what if upon your complaint, you not only get another burger but also a coupon for a free drink for your next order. Such small measures can make your clients feel truly valued. This portion of services depends on the business in concern, with respect to how much they are willing to offer in such a case, but a call center representative should know the extra services that can be put on a plate to satisfy an angry customer. In most cases, a refund is the best thing a customer may be looking for. However, that is not a great strategy for any business to simply keep paying back the money, even if the fault in the process took place out of the primary service gambits of that business. 

For this purpose, there are options for discounts, coupons, or some addendum of services. An even better way to approach this would be to associate these extra offers on the next transaction they make with your company. Another ideal way to indulge in angry customers is to give them a choice even here. Let them choose from the options of a discount, a complimentary service, or another product on offer or even a choice in the number of products on offer. The more valued your customers feel, the better would be the chances of them losing anger and staying loyal to your brand.