Why Joining Hands with Intersoft BPO Solutions is a Win-Win Situation for Your Business?

Chances are that unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about the uncountable benefits that outsourcing has brought to the world of doing business. In addition to massive cost savings and higher productivity, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies have also enabled many small and medium-sized companies to compete with gigantic multinational firms. That said, like any trending business activity, outsourcing has also fallen into the hands of many companies that set up shop without possessing the capabilities to deliver benefits associated with outsourcing. Additionally, as the reliance and dependence on the internet increases for businesses the world over to look for business partners, choosing the right BPO partner becomes more and more difficult. In today’s article, we will tell you about some of the things you should keep in mind while choosing a BPO partner to steer clear of any hoaxers and choose the outsourcing partner that truly fits your business.

Growth trajectory

Let’s start with a question. If a very old and aged man were to offer you a magical potion that promises to reverse the aging process; would you buy it? Wouldn’t your first thought be that if this potion actually worked, wouldn’t that salesman have taken some of it himself? The same logic should be applied while choosing a BPO company. If your potential outsourcing partner company does not have a record of efficiency and higher productivity, and good growth numbers, how can you expect them to provide you with these results. Intersoft BPO Solutions  has proven its capabilities through our quick and steep growth journey and now we are willing to share with you the secrets of our growth

Communication and Human Resources involvement

One of the biggest arguments in favor of outsourcing is the ability of BPO companies to bring you the best human resources from the industry – whether directly through their HR services or indirectly by hiring the best talent themselves. This provides you with two points for your checklist – the credentials of the workforce of the BPO company, and the involvement of their resources in the decision making process. First of all, if the workforce of a BPO company itself isn’t up to the mark, you can perhaps be sure that their claims to bring you the best resources will also fall flat. Secondly, any good BPO company will ensure that their clients and team have good coordination and communication. So when you take your demands to a BPO company check how much involvement is offered to their resources. At Intersoft BPO, we make sure that the relevant resources are directly in touch with the concerned officials from our clients’ departments so there is no confusion of delay in the delivery of desired results. The credentials of our staff speak for themselves, come pay us a visit and see for yourself.

Versatility is half the game

When we talk about BPO companies, one key factor that goes in their favor is the experience they have had with several industries through performing the same functions. For instance, if a BPO company is offering call center services, it must be dealing with several industries like technology, medical, automobiles etc. This brings you your next checkmark. If the BPO company you are considering to partner with has experience with several different industries, you can be relatively sure that they do possess all the skills and knowledge that BPO companies are known for. At Intersoft BPO, we work with telecom, software, financial,  e-commerce, healthcare, logistics and automotive industries among others. With us you can have the promise that we will deliver you the best of services available in the outsourcing industry.

Check for the subtle codes of operations

This is perhaps one of the key ways in which you can ensure that you choose the right BPO partner. And since every company has their own different ways of operating and doing business, we will share with you the values that we uphold here at Intersoft BPO, and then you can make your decision. Firstly, we prioritize security and privacy of our clients’ data. In today’s technology-intensive world, that remains our primary consideration, followed closely by guaranteed performance-based results. We intend to maintain our growth trajectory and that will only be possible when we maintain our performance standards.

Thirdly, since we operate with both national and international companies, we also ensure strict compliance with international quality and security standards. Our teams of experts are already well versed in these conditions and standards so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting anything half-baked. Finally, we also promise transparency with our operations. With Intersoft BPO you will have regular and timely communication related to your work and we will work as an extension of your own company, so you not only get the same quality level of work but can also obtain other benefits of outsourcing, such as cost savings, higher efficiency, higher productivity, and better accuracy.