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Hardware / Software Outsourcing

When we talk about hardware outsourcing, we are effectively going back to where the outsourcing model in fact began – manufacturing industry. However, while talking about software outsourcing we will be mixing up several stages of outsourcing model.

Hardware Hardwired

Let’s talk about hardware first. The idea of letting an external company produce the hardware might come as scary because for technology companies, the hardware of their products comes second only to the technical products they are playing with. Therefore to have the perfect hardware is not only the most significant need but that is also what builds the brand. No one is going to see the software first, so making sure that we meet your logos and color schemes and design specifications tooth and nail is half the game in this business. There are three ways you can use outsourcing companies your hardware production.

    • Assembly Lines
  This is where you decide on your design specifications yourself and manufacture the smaller parts of your products yourself as well. However, depending on the number of orders, especially in heavy sale seasons, you hire outsourcing companies to assemble your product and ship it to the buyers  
    • Contract Manufacture Service
  This is the opposite of the above whereby you get the smaller parts manufactured from outside companies and keep the assembly in-house. If you are particular about your business secrets then this is the better method for you, because you can outsource production of different parts to different businesses and keep the whole design secret and in-house.
Hardware Intersoft
    • Capacity Outsourcing
If you own a small or medium sized business, and are experiencing sudden growth in your orders, but at the same time you are not sure that this surge in demand is there to stay, you can hire an outsourcing company instead of setting up a manufacturing unit or expanding your manufacturing facilities. This way your orders will be met without incurring any sunk costs. This is especially relevant for technical products that become obsolete quickly. With outsourcing companies, many businesses are getting their products manufactured for them so they might be able to afford having large production units, but for smaller businesses this can be an added expense with less than proportionate returns.

Software Soft Corners

Software outsourcing also comes with all the perks and advantages of traditional outsourcing model, plus one biggest advantage – constant updating. When you keep your software manufacturing in-house you bound yourself, at least for a certain time period, to manufacture the same products. With more and more technical advancement taking place as we speak, the need of the hour is to be able to incorporate those advancements with every new batch. Let’s look at other benefits of software outsourcing.

    • No Upfront Investments
  When you keep your software production on outsourced channels, you don’t need any infrastructure investment, any software that you may need to keep your business secure, and neither extra workforce to manage all that manufacturing unit facility. This pit together with the utility bills that you save can make up a big amount that you can utilize on research and development, or any other business operation that generates revenues for you instead.  
    • Access to More Experience and Expertise
  When you outsource such a process, you are sure to have more than one mind working on your product which not only improves the service quality of your software but also brings you wider opinions on your product. With better skilled and more experienced professionals dedicated to software building you are also less likely to be left with flawed or less optimum software.
    • Flexibility and Scalability
  As talked in the start of the software section, when you outsource your manufacturing processes, you can be sure to have just the right amount of orders prepared as you need independent of any limitation on the manufacturing capacity or seasonal fluctuations.  
    • Risk Minimization
  When expert professionals who are involved solely in software development perform your product manufacturing, they are much more suited to make the software more compliant, more efficient, and more user-friendly. As compared to this, if you hire your own workforce they might be great with one type of software but will most likely have less efficiency in all types of your products, and all technical advancements. The responsibility of choosing the right resources for each product is your outsourcing partners instead of yours, so you can sleep at peace knowing that when you have outsourced software building, you are getting the best available person or persons for the job.

At InterSoft BPO You Can Have:

  • PCB schematics and layout
  • Component selection
  • DSP
  • Requirements specification
  • Systematizing
  • Assembler
  • Embedded LINUX
  • Matlab/Simulink
  • Testing & management
  • Simulation
  • Modeling
  • UML
  • Construction systems
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • RTOS
  • Communications protocols
  • Target link
  • Lab view
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