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What other financial services does Intersoft BPO provide?

Intersoft BPO has in store an entire portfolio of Finance & Tax Services, including accountancy management, stock brokerage, and management of individual savings and personal investments. We also have expert professionals dealing with accounts payables and receivables, payroll management, budgeting and forecasting, as well as bookkeeping. Should your business requires additional services like statistical analysis, credit analysis, or financial reporting we also have the latest technical capabilities and experienced personnel for that.

How skilled is your finance and accounting team?

We understand the needs of modern-day businesses as well as the laws and regulations put in place by the authorities. For this reason, we only hire qualified personnel who have work ethics in line with our metric-driven business processes approach. Our customers and performance history are a testament to that. Prevention of errors and optimum performance is as important for our resources as it is for your business.