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retail and ecommerce

Retail / e-Commerce Industry Solutions

E-commerce is on the rise all around the globe and its advent has challenged the business of the conventional brick and mortar shops. An increasing focus of the business on e-commerce means that a higher percentage of sales will come from e-commerce and they’ll most likely exceed sales growth as compared to brick outlets.


The exponential e-commerce growth is driven by increasing mobile platforms for online shopping, and while the share of e-commerce will grow, sales productivity in physical retail outlets will decrease. Furthermore, as compared to e-commerce, brick and mortar shops will see reducing margins due to the fixed costs incurred by the physical outlet.


E-commerce will grow constantly, and with increasing growth, businesses won’t be able to use price as a competitive advantage as it’d be largely balanced out by the internet. In the future, businesses will need to turn their attention to e-commerce techniques which will immensely help in managing margins, sales and productivity.

Why Intersoft BPO?

Intersoft BPO, in coordination and consultation with the client, will design a customer’s e-commerce strategy that fits that specific customer’s business, with the purpose of maximising e-commerce solutions.


A typical client’s solutions portfolio will generally include some, or all, of the following features:

  • Provide e-tail, or “virtual storefronts,” on websites with online catalogs, sometimes gathered into a “virtual mall”;
  • Buy or sell on websites or online marketplaces;
  • Electronic data interchange: the business-to-business exchange of data;
  • Prospective and established customer outreach by e-mail or fax (for example, with newsletters);
  • Buying and selling solutions;
  • Secure business transactions; and
  • Other mutually collaborative solutions crafted for customized client programs.

Millions of business transactions happen around the world every single day, and Intersoft BPO empowers its clients to achieve optimisation of their B2B commercial transaction channels using effective internet and networking tools.

Intersoft BPO’s End Goals

  • Integration of e-commerce into our clients’ businesses;
  • Improvement of operations through automation;
  • Increase in revenues through access to an infinite customer base;
  • Reduction in cost of running the e-commerce business;
  • Implementation of systems that result in better communication with customers, partners, and within the company; and
  • Migration, integration, maintenance, and support of standard e-commerce transactions into existing and legacy applications.