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Contact Center Outsourcing

Maintaining trustworthy relationships with clients is half the success for any business. And to ensure that customer complaints are timely heard and resolved needs dedicated resources. For a small or growing business this can mean lots of operational expenses, without any direct translation into revenue generation. Therefore an easier and more efficient method of keeping costs in check, without compromising on customer relationship is to outsource contact center management.

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What is there to gain?

First things first; when you hire an external partner to manage your call center services, you are only paying for the actual service. There is no extra charge of working space, utility bills, employment benefits for call center employees, or any other such overhead expense. This means that you still have a dedicated team to listen to your clients and literally no extra expense. Other things to gain from outsourcing such services are:

  • Complaint management
  • Customer relationship records
  • Live chats and SMS facility
  • Real time email communication
  • Constant feedback collection from customers
  • After sales support
contact center outsourcing

The Benefits Flow Two-Ways

It’s not just your clients that are happy when you have outsourced contact center outsourcing. With soft spoken, patient resources indulging in conversations with your clients, you also get the opportunity to get extra information from those clients that you can then utilize for your business adaptability and growth. The other side of benefits for you includes:

  • Online surveys
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Up to date information of changing market trends
  • Changes in customer choices and needs

An Added Route for Expansion

Remember we said earlier that having an in-house call center does not translate into direct revenue generation activities? Well, when you have an external team of people who are qualified to handle just the call center activities, you can also utilize their skills for lead generation activities. If you have your own employees doing this job, then it would become part of your marketing team and will only end up costing you more. However, with outsourced call center you can also have online surveys, short interviews with both happy and dissatisfied customers, and can also directly gain information about what added features your potential clients would like to have in your products or services.

There’s still more…

Depending on the specific needs of your business, you can also add on to your package the returns processing and data entry outsourcing. When you already have a team of contact center professionals engaging in collection of market and customer data, why not have them keep a record and analyze it for your business strategy making as well? This means that you get knowledge and data collection as a top-up on your customer relationship management.

The Benefits Keep Adding!

If your business is manufacturing related or product based, you can also use the same contact center for taking orders. For service based businesses as well, it becomes a quicker and more efficient means of dispatching services. If you are involved in highly specialized sectors like medicine, then these vary call centers can work as appointment setting centers for your business. One way or another, depending on your appetite for efficiency and optimization, you can get much more of a contact center than you probably initially think of.

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Beyond Just Clients!

It is not just the customers who need constant communication from your end. Your suppliers, competitors, and other stakeholders of your business might also demand the same level of respect and dedication. In that case, contact centers can also become your primary more of email correspondence and even general correspondence. The point being, that instead of indulging into maintaining half a dozen departments keeping track of your suppliers, clients, associate businesses, and so on, you can simply have one partner with resources trained and qualified to just do what you need.

Public Relations

What if we were to tell you that contact center can strike down another one of your biggest expenses that you probably weren’t even aware of? That is of public relations management. In modern times when businesses are becoming highly competitive and there is always the risk of a small mistake or even some fake allegation killing your market image forever, public relationship managers are high in demand. However they cost a lot of money as well. So the cheaper and more effective method could be to just let your contact center handle your media management as well.

Final Word

There is so much to gain by having experts of communication on board, and at only a fraction of the cost as compared to if you were to maintain each of these departments individually. The workforce cost alone would cost you a sizeable chunk of your financial resources, and all the overhead and operational expenses would still be there to be paid. Have faith in the outsourcing model and see how far it takes you!


Why should I outsource my call center operations to Intersoft BPO?

With Intersoft BPO you get a number of services for your contact centers, including complaint management, real time email communication, live chats and SMS facility, maintenance of customer relation records, a collection of feedback from customers, and after sales support. With us you will not only have access to the full set of services, but you can be sure that our latest technology and best resources from the market are handling your customer relationships.

How long have you been offering call center solutions?

Contact Center Solutions are part of Intersoft BPO’s regular service portfolio and we offer businesses the option to pay only for the actual service. Our call center representatives work with several industries and customers with a wide range of tastes, tempers, and even languages. We understand the significance of customer satisfaction. With our staff, you can be sure to have happy customers.

Will I be required to sign a contract to get your Call Center Outsourcing Services?

Any business dealing requires a formal agreement, however the salient features of any contract depend on the specified services and agreed-upon rates. Such contracts are not only a legal requirement, but they also help in smoothing communication between us and our clients. With a contract all required services and objectives from customers are recorded, which then helps in guiding the outsourcing services team to decide their performance objectives and deliver promised results on time.