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Lead Generation

Lead generation is a marketing terminology whereby ‘lead’ is the synonym for consumer interest and acting on that interest. Generation of leads is simply the initiation of the process whereby a business identifies the potential customers for its products or services and conveying them the availability and attributes of the said products or services. This can be done through traditional means of advertisement like newspapers, magazines, radio and television, or more modern ways like emails and digital marketing.


Other means of lead generation that happen outside of the primary business marketing are word of mouth, personal referrals, and arranged or sponsored events. Nowadays, internet search engines account for more than ninety percent of the total leads, according to a research done by Marketing Land, called  “First Touch: In 9 Of 10 Industries Search Tops Lead Generation, Social Shortens Marketing Cycles”. Lead generation leads to lead management which eventually leads to actual purchases.

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Most Effective Ways to Generate Leads

Direct customer engagement: One of the most lucrative ways to generate leads is to interact with target customers directly. Usually businesses go for indirect interaction such as pamphlets and questionnaires for feedback. However, with live chats and help centers not only the customers feel more valued and interested in your advertising, but the feedback you get from them is also more sincere and helpful.


Use technology and social media: Invest in new technology that resonates with the market trends. For example get a game app that helps users to get acquainted with your brand. Likewise, utilize the unlimited power of social media to evaluate the prevalent trends in the industry, changing tastes of the customers, and stay up to date with the changing technologies. Twitter is an excellent source for gaining information, feedback, and evaluating the market. One of the more recent means of marketing is also to become a guest blogger – ask social media influencers to feature your brand, for a fee or a gift hamper.


Delve into databases and collect your own data: While generating leads you not only need to be aware of the data that already exist about your target market, competitors, and customer tastes but it would also behoove you to collect some data of your own and store it for future predictions and matching marketing strategies for the past, present and future.


Videos and quizzes are all the rage: Television advertisements have been there for ages, but with social media ‘video’ is the new big thing. You can benefit from reaching to more customers and that will generate more leads. Another equally popular method of reaching out to potential customers is through quizzes, which if formatted intelligently can also provide you valuable feedback from your target market.

Lead generation can be costly, but it doesn’t have to!

The ideal scenario for highest lead generations will be a mix and match of all the factors mentioned above. That means your company will require investments in technology, infrastructure, and qualified personnel. Each of these will require hefty financing, and irreversible one in some cases. An alternative way would be to hire an external party to perform these tasks for your company.


Once you do have an outsourcing partner on board, there are more than just cost advantages. Considering that BPO companies carry out such tasks as their core business, as opposed to these being your auxiliary activities, they are in much better position to handle lead generation more productively.

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Why Intersoft BPO is your best bet?

Intersoft BPO has proven record of quality services and successful customer acquisition campaigns. We implement an efficient, structured methodology to ensure smooth communication between our employees and our partner company requiring lead generations. We make sure to keep the process transparent so that your business and our operations stay up to date with each other and developments in the leads can be capitalized and turned into instant purchases.


Our qualified professionals develop, improve, and maintain campaigns and their potential benefits so they can be reutilized for future campaigns, not just for lead generations but also for marketing strategies. Working with us mean that you get to have access to latest technology and highly qualified personnel in each of the fields mentioned above, and that too only at a fraction of the cost. This not only leads to higher productivity, but also to higher profit margins because as your costs go down, your leads and thereby, revenues go up. We will take care of your brand as much as we care about ours and our team will work as an extension of your own team guaranteeing performance based results. Get your quotes today.