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Content Development

Do you remember the dialogue from BBC’s Sherlock, “In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king”? Well this is a quote actually by Stephen Thompson, but here it is mentioned because in a world full of technology and social media, the one with the right content is the King. Attention span of today’s consumers has gotten down to less than a few seconds, and when you are dependent on content to put across your product or service, you really need more attention than that. That’s where content development comes in.

Simple is Not Always Better

You might think that simple and clear communication of what you have to offer is enough to bring you more consumers. We are sad to inform you that you might only be right half the time. When there is a potential consumer specifically looking for a product like yours, your plain and simple explanation might help. But to improve your inflow of customers, you need to go beyond that. You have to convince your target customers of the fact that your product or service is in fact the best that is out there, and ‘plain and simple’ is simply not going to cut it. Therefore you need experts in content and communication to take care of your business needs, be it marketing, customer management, or simply conveying the right information

Anything on the Web is Not Web Content

The traditional method of communication of your product and service used to be through newspapers and pamphlets. There was ample space available and people used to read the whole thing. Then came the TV, and everything became visual. Advertisements became the new rage and a long message became a short story. Despite the fact that we have entered the digital age for a while now, we are still continuing with the same newspaper and TV advertisement content. There is an inherent flaw there – time constraint! No one is going to sit through your digital advertisement as they did for a TV ad. They are simply going to click that skip button rendering all your investment futile. You need to catch their attention in the first few seconds when your advertisement starts to play on its own. Nothing understands this better than the team of qualified content developers we have on board here at Intersoft BPO.


Bloggers are not journalists. Well journalists are not bloggers either. The idea of writing a web blog is to provide you with the information you need and want, and not what you ought to know. For instance if you are a medical business, your customers might not be interested in the companies that manufacture your medicines, rather they need to know the treatments you have available for their ailments. Not everyone understands this key difference, hence not everyone can write the blogs that you need. Those who do might cost you an arm and a leg because they very well know what they are capable of. How about you let us take care of that for you as well?

Marketing Content

This is where the money is. The means and method of marketing is now digital media, and it all boils down to content. This category of content development goes beyond just the one-liner introductions of our products and their price tags. This may include:

  • Viral marketing content development
  • Multi-media content development
  • Interactive charts and infographics
  • Content generated for FAQs
  • Live communication and query responses to questions

The Educational Indulgence

Some businesses need to educate their customers as they market their products. This is especially true for the businesses involved in social sectors, as well as those directly involved in educational fields. The responsibility to educate is much heavier than the job of marketing. It involves patience, easy communication, as well as availability of two-way feedback. Again, we would sincerely remind you that not everyone has the knack or aptitude to teach. This category of content can encompass:

  • Training videos
  • Product usage tutorials
  • Side effects and prevention techniques
  • Modes of communication with the business for dispatching product
  • Appointment scheduling methods for service delivery
  • Regular explainers or guidance content for the business sector

The bottom line is that there is an obvious requirement of niche qualifications, and experts in writing and designing content. Content development, however significant it may be, still remains a supplementary business operation with less chances of directly impacting the revenue generation leads. To maintain an entire content department is as imperative as it is expensive. Therefore by outsourcing your content needs, you will gain access to brilliant content curators and not have to spend a fortune on putting your message across.