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Data Entry & Transcription

Let’s define data entry first. It is the task of entering information – numerical or otherwise – into electronic formats that may be used for processing, interpreting, and analyzing. The task may seem technical but it is easily doable with the only necessary elements of attention and diligence. Usually computers and software are used for data entry, and it can be done manually or automatically. Data entry is usually an extremely time consuming task but it is quite an essential task for most companies. For those not interesting in routine, data entry can also be an incredibly boring job, however once the data is all entered and formatted, it can open doors to incredibly rewarding business strategies, competitive strengths and revenue generation models.


Now transcription is another form of data entry, but it means to convert live or recorded speech into written text data. In the olden days it was a pen and paper practice with short hand texts, especially in court cases and political speeches, but nowadays there is a more technological side to it. Most common areas where transcription is practiced remain law firms, court proceedings, government agencies, trade associations, as well as any organization that involves a lot of meetings and requires keeping their minutes on record.

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Job Profiles of Data Entry and Transcription Workers

Data entry jobs include technical equipment ranging from electronic data processors, word processors, and typewriters, and thereby include the job profiles of typists, coders, and data entry clerks. The skills required for the job are typing skills, and respective language skills in reading and writing, and entails the task of alphabetical and numeric data entering. A data entry operator may also require to verify and edit data as it is entered, or afterwards for double checking.


A transcription service is no different in its core than data entry. The primary difference is only in the form of data, whereby in the former it is usually numerical while in the latter it is English, or another language. The other perspectives are similar – typing skills, language skills, verification and double checking of data and so on.

Both these tasks require accuracy, confidentiality, discretion, speed and efficiency while the ability to maintain interest, keep deadlines, and produce highest quality data records and transcriptions.

What do these functions mean for your business?

You need data and transcribed versions of the conversations that take place within the realm of business activity. The part of data entry is especially important when we have market research or technical research and development, and transcription is necessary for medical services not just in terms of patient details but also for medication, insurance, and billing purposes. The privacy and confidentiality of the data and transcribed documents is also a big deal for your business as anything and everything in those documents may jeopardize your business competitiveness and operational secrets.


This means you either need in-house employees for both these jobs or you need a trustworthy external party with trustworthy employees managing these tasks for you. One of these options will require an expansive amount of vetting, hiring, and managing employees along with hefty financial costs, while the second option will need much less of all these tasks at also a lower cost.

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How an outsourcing firm can help you?

A business outsourcing partner, or BPO company, can provide you an entire range of back office services including data entry, form filling, data cleansing and interpretation, as well as transcription and content management. This means that once you get all these secondary tasks, however important, out of the way of your primary activities you save more time and resources to be spent on revenue generation activities leading to higher profits and growth.


If you do your due diligence while choosing your BPO partner and making sure to take on board someone with similar flexibility ratio and objective targets, then you may have an excellent chance at taking a leap in your business growth. The outsourcing companies perform these tasks as their core business so they have every part of the process mapped, as per quality requirements, and ensure error free data entry and transcription.

Intersoft BPO is your best data entry buddy!

We are one of the fastest business processing outsourcing companies and that makes us a perfect fit if you are also looking to grow your business. We not only have the highest qualified personnel and modern technological equipment on board but we also have the necessary flexibility and adaptability for you to scale your business towards growth and revenue generation.


Our portfolio of services in the ambit of online and offline data entry and transcription include:

  • Legal and medical billing and invoices data entry
  • Business transactions, software and application data entry
  • Website compilation, eBook transcription as well as YellowPages and WhitePages
  • Data entry for QuickBooks, accounting, insurance claims and logistics
  • E-commerce, mailing lists and labels data entry