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Also known as telesales and inside sales, telemarketing is one of the age-old tried and tested method of direct marketing. The formal definition of telemarketing is ‘directly marketing the goods or services either by professional telemarketers or by automated calls’ as told by Investopedia. However, unlike the name implies telemarketing is not just telephone calls. The process involves the salesperson reaching out to potential customers through a range of means including telephones, web conferences, and even a face to face appointment. The steps involved are researching and identifying potential customers, and then applying a range of techniques for contacting and qualifying the leads that will translate into sales.


Telemarketing can be subdivided further into lead generation, inbound marketing and outbound marketing. The service styles of telemarketing can be categorized into appointment setting, surveys and telesales, and database gathering and updating.

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The Significance of Telemarketing

The advent of internet and quick contact means might give off the impression that telemarketing has become obsolete but it cannot be further from the truth. It still remains one of the leading and most effective of marketing strategies practiced by modern businesses. The involvement of technology has definitely taken place within telemarketing as well with bots and automated messages substituting personnel in many cases, but telemarketing itself is still significant. Telemarketing is also ethical and broad in encompassing several industries, several business sectors, and different methodologies for B2B and B2C businesses.

How to know if telemarketing is for you and how to make the most of it?

Several companies from many different business sectors use telemarketing, but as any other marketing method, it is more useful for some than others. Mostly event management companies, health industry players, telecom industry, retail, and logistics are known to implement telemarketing successfully. Even financial and accounting industries have good reason to use telemarketing to reach out to companies for outsourcing services.

If you are operating in an industry other than the ones mentioned above does not mean that you cannot utilize one of the most effective methods of marketing. However, it will be of benefit to you if you get an external partner to take care of the task for you. Even if you are among the companies that are known to benefit from telemarketing, even then it is more efficient in terms of costs and productivity to have a BPO partner on board.

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What can you expect from an outsourcing company?

Business process outsourcing companies are excelled at tasks like telemarketing because for them it is their core business, unlike your company where it is only one step of the entire auxiliary chain of services. BPO companies hire qualified telemarketing personnel after vetting their expertise levels, experience, customer relationship manners and skills, even up till the language accent and skills for target market groups.


Even after qualified professionals are hired, good BPO companies keep training and coaching telemarketers on the changing trends, telephone manners and customer preferences. The practice and experience that these companies have allows them to keep you updated on the telemarketing processes and also work with your company to decide on the objectives, as well as target customers and methods to approach them.


An outsourcing company also has all the right tools and technology for telemarketing and professionals to operate them. They also incur a lower cost because of economies of scale, which in turn makes it less costly for you to hire them instead of hiring professionals and investing in software. Having an outsourcing partner also frees up your time and money that you can utilize in primary business activities to generate more revenues and improve business growth.

Intersoft BPO has even more to offer!

While we have just the right professionals and technological capabilities that can smoothen and improve your telemarketing, we also have campaign designers and promotion managers that can help you with your overall marketing strategies as well. Our trained and experienced telemarketers initiate calls and build customer relationships for the long-run that not only promotes conversions into sales but also ensures customer retention.


Our people are trained not only in customer management but also in the laws of the state and time which means that your target customers do not feel badgered rather your product or service information is communicated to them in an effective manner. We also log and record our inbound and outbound calls to make sure that your money is getting its worth and you also get to use the call data for feedback and future marketing strategies.


If your company may require so, we can also prepare periodic reports of your telemarketing campaigns to monitor the success ratios. Our workforce works as an extension of your business so your core employees do not feel uncomfortable or out of sync. The call centers are becoming increasingly pressured because of regulatory limitations and it is important that those responsible for telemarketing have to be careful with their marketing. At Intersoft BPO you will have performance based results as well as guarantee of lawful and ethical marketing. The cost advantages and productivity improvements are just cherries on the top.